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I have always dreaded the dentist, but I am incredibly thankful for having discovered Dr. Londry and his practice! He and his gracious staff were able to make me feel completely at ease and were incredibly gentle throughout my entire cleaning. It was such a relief to find a dentist who’s very thorough, as well as personable, and takes great care with his patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Londry and Lakeside Dental to any and all who ask!


Dr. Modlin and the Lakeside staff are outstanding! I went in for a crown and could not have been more impressed with the speed, professionalism, courtesy and expertise I was treated with. Dr. Modlin was very patient and forewarned me about every step of the procedure, telling me what instrument he was going to use, what it did, and how it would feel. This process did require two appointments, one for the temporary and the other for the permanent crown. Both appointments were equally efficient and seamlessly painless. Very impressive.


Had a lot of work done on a crown yesterday. So friendly, so straightforward…and in the midst of the drilling, I fell asleep– so they take care of the comfort side as well. Excellent experience.


This office provides a warm and friendly feeling every time I walk in the door! Sarah, my hygienist provides excellent care while cleaning my teeth. She helps me understand the importance of good oral health and makes me look forward to my routine check ups every 6 months. Dr Modlin and Dr Londry are both genuinely kind and informative which makes going to the dentist fun! The doctors assistant, Jen, makes me feel at ease when I am getting my work done. They constantly ask if I am ok while adding humor to the appointment. Not to mention, I didn’t even feel the injection of numbing medicine! Both doctors have a great touch. The Ladies up front do a great job with handling finances and filing my insurance as a courtesy to me! They are always very good at helping me chose an appointment time that works best for ME, not them. I would HIGHLY recommend this practice as it is the BEST dental office I have ever been to!


Friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and won’t break your bank. Everything you could ever ask for in a dental practice and so much more! I especially appreciate they remember past conversations and ask about things happening in my family’s life. It shows they care about us and you can’t put a price tag on that.

Carol Ann

Lakeside Dental is great. They are warm and friendly. The doctors are very knowledgable and the whole staff is gentle but thorough. They always make me feel welcome. I have never had issues with my insurance. It is truly a pleasure go.


I have recently received treatment  from Dr. Modlin and was very impressed with his attention to details during my procedures and his constant concern with my comfort during all treatment.  I needed to have multiple crowns and fillings done and was highly pleased with the results.  Although I have usually dreaded dental treatment , Dr. Modlin is very personable and makes the experience more pleasant than I have encountered in the past. I look forward to a continued relationship with him in the future.


I have been in need of a new dentist since moving to the area a year ago.  I am always a little nervous when I go to the dentist, but Dr. Londry made me feel very welcomed and relaxed.  Dr. Londry and his staff were very caring and very thorough in explaining procedures and answering any questions I had.  Dr. Londry was very personable and listened to my concerns.  He took his time, explained what needed to be done and didn’t try to get me to do more than what was needed.  So grateful to finally find a gentle and caring dentist!


Dr. Modlin and his Cornelius, NC dental office staff at Lakeside Dental are the best. When I first visited him, it had been over four years since I had seen a dentist. I was a little afraid of what he might tell me. I had a cavity that needed taken care of and wisdom teeth which I should have had out years ago that were now causing me problems.erp


I went to Lakeside Dental in Cornelius, NC and saw Dr. Londry and had a wonderful experience. The staff was very nice and helpful, and they even were able to get my filling done the same day as my cleaning so I didn’t have to come back and miss work again. The best part…I didn’t even feel the injection when he numbed my tooth. I will be etc.


I had some teeth I knew needed fillings and I was very nervous. Cornelius NC Dentist, Dr. Modlin put me at ease and was gentle throughout the appointment. My fillings ended up looking great and I was surprised by how it was such a pleasant experience. I tell my friends and family to come to Lakeside Dental!