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Common Questions About Lumineers

Many people feel self-conscious about their smiles. Even though teeth may be healthy, they can still be discolored, chipped or slightly crooked. Veneers were often only considered as a last resort by dentists because they required invasive prep work. Teeth had to be ground down fairly extensively in order to attach the veneer, and afterwards, teeth would have to be veneered permanently, because the enamel of the tooth was compromised. There was no changing your mind, in other words, and the very permanence and discomfort of the procedure dissuaded many who would otherwise have been interested in the benefits of dental veneers.


Now, however, there is an alternative, called Lumineers. Lumineers are a special type of veneer that is so thin (only 0.2 mm) that they can go right overtop of your existing teeth — usually without any grinding whatsoever. Though they are thin, they are bonded with the strongest possible adhesive, meaning that they can last up to 20 years.


Here are a few common questions about Lumineers.


Why would I want veneers, especially Lumineers?

Veneers are the easiest way to achieve a “Hollywood smile.” Lumineers are the most painless and least damaging way to get veneers.


Lumineers can fix stained or yellowish teeth, cover chips, and in cases of very minor crookedness, can make teeth appear straight and white. It can even reduce the appearance of spaces and gaps and “reshape” teeth as necessary. Although braces are widely available for adults, most adults remain opposed to braces (even Invisalign braces). Lumineers can correct mild problems, and whiten teeth to boot.


Another common use of Lumineers is to renew old dental work. As we age, bridges and crowns tend not to be the same color as existing teeth. Lumineers can make you look years younger by covering faded or yellowing teeth and making them all the same color.


What is involved in getting Lumineers?


Getting Lumineers is a fairly simple process, especially compared to traditional veneers. It takes two visits. In the first visit, a mold of your teeth is taken, and you and your dentist will decide what shade of white is best for you. In the second visit, which takes about an hour, the Lumineers are painlessly applied. There is no post-visit discomfort, unlike with traditional veneers. You can have a gorgeous movie star smile in as little as two weeks.


To speak to our Cornelius NC dental office about Lumineers dental veneers, call and book an appointment today: 704-987-9087


Dr. Modlin earned his BS in biological sciences, cum laude from Belmont University in Nashville, TN and his D.D.S. from UNC School of Dentistry, graduating with Honors. Dr. Modlin enjoys helping create beautiful, healthy smiles on a daily basis. He is active in the dental community and is a member of the ADA, North Carolina Dental Society, and Academy of General Dentistry. As a former Eagle Scout, Dr. Modlin loves the outdoors, as well as watching movies, reading, and spending time with his family. He, his wife Brooke and their son Jackson reside in the Lake Norman area.

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